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We offer full practice with all the necessary licences to get your Building Permit on time.

Our project list:

Apartments, Boarding houses, Camps for housing workers, Clubs, residential, Colleges, residential, Convents, Dormitories, Group homes, Halfway houses, drug and alcohol treatment, Hostel, Houses, Lodging houses, Monasteries, Motels, Open and semi-secure detention for youth, Recreational camps, Rooming houses, Schools, residential, Shelters for homeless, Shelters for women
Banks, Barber and hairdressing shops, Beauty parlours, Dental offices, Dry cleaning establishments, self –service, not using flammable or explosive solvents or cleaners, Laundries, self-service, Medical offices, Offices, Police stations without detention quarters, Radio stations, Small tool and appliance rental and service establishments, Mercantile, Department stores, Exhibition halls, Markets, Restaurants with an occupant load not more than 30 persons consuming food and drink, Shops, Stores, Supermarkets
Aircraft hangers, Cold storage plants, Dry cleaning establishments not using flammable or explosive solvents or cleaners, Electrical substations, Freight depots, Helicopter landing areas on roofs, Laboratories, Laundries, except self-service, Planing mills, Printing plants, Repair garages, Self-service storage buildings, Service stations, Storage rooms, Television studios not admitting a viewing audience, Tire storage, Warehouses, Woodworking factories, Creameries, Laboratories, Power plants, Storage garages, including open air parking garages, Storage rooms, Warehouses,

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